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Product Leader Coaching

Transforming products teams from project or feature-focused to product-led teams is difficult.

As a coach I help you define big challenges, identify target conditions and work with you to find the next steps. Product leader coaching unlocks your own potential and amplifies your teams performance. 

Many of my clients are starting or on the journey to becoming a product-led organisation. My clients are typically founders, chief product officers (CPO), or VP of product at funded startups, and leaders at director level or above at public tech companies. 
Each product leader has their own agenda each session is personalised for you. 
The common challenges I help product leaders overcome include:
  • Lack of common purpose,
  • Low belief or confidence in product strategy,
  • Reactive short-term prioritisation,
  • Not moving fast enough,
  • Struggling to make OKRs work,
  • Behaving like an agency building features for individual clients,
  • Restructuring teams as you scale,
  • Biased and opinionated decision making,
  • Handling difficult conversations,
  • Low influence with the c-suite and board,
  • Uncertainty about career path,
  • Feeling alone and an imposter. 
To help you succeed we often have to focus on topics such as product vision, product strategy, alignment, team topology, OKRs, hiring & firing, governance process, scaling, product culture, credibility, soundboard, and brainstorming.

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Dave Martin

Dave Martin is a qualified executive coach with over 2 decades of experience in product leadership. In CPO roles, Dave has exited multiple SaaS businesses, including a 9 figure revenue company.

His experience includes leadership roles working on products for Google, CompareTheMarket, Tes Global, ThoughtWorks, PepsiCo, Bauer Media, Adobe and various startups.


Product Leader Coaching Package

  • 2 x 45 min coaching sessions a month

  • Unlimited Q&A via email or slack

  • Unlimited phone a friend calls

  • Access to premium e-learning

  • Fixed monthly fee

Flexible contract with no fixed term, but typically clients work with me for 6 to 12 months. 


Getting started

We start this journey with a chemistry call to learn about your situation and ensure personalities work together to successfully build a strong coaching relationship. 

Please complete the form, and we will be in touch to schedule a call with Dave. 

In the 20-minute zoom call, we will explore your challenge and goals to start shaping an improvement plan. 

There is no commitment; the aim is to learn if and how we can help you. 

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