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How to use the Product Value Creation Tracker

In the previous article, we defined Value Indicators to measure the user behaviours assumed to create value. In this article, we will bring it all together to track performance over time.

Did the release create value?

Product leaders, stakeholders and product teams need to understand how each iteration performed. The board want to understand if spending money on engineering is supporting growth. The Value Creation Tracker is a simple report showing the trend of the value indicators that make up the Product VCP. 

We can use these figures to evaluate a new release rapidly and to support prioritising future work. If stakeholders are bought into the Value Assumptions, we can focus on learning what will improve these metrics. 

Using the Value Creation Tracker

There are 5 columns on the tracker, with a different value indicator on each row. The first describes the metric. The second shows the current value for the value indicator with the desired target next. The final two columns show a rolling 4-week change in the value, then a summary showing if it was positive or negative. 

Screenshot 2022-11-17 at 13.24.57 (1)

Hungry for more?

The next article in this series shares how to use the Product VCP when prioritising strategy bets, we call this the Strategic Value Matrix.

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