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Product Momentum Gap

In the early stages of a company, teams grow fast and product grows quicker. Feature development is rapid and the impact is easy to recognise. As more people are hired and more customers are acquired, the pace slows down.

We call this the Product Momentum Gap - and we can help you overcome it.


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We are a team of product leaders with hands-on executive experience scaling product teams and fostering a product mindset. We know how to lead and scale teams to build great products. We can help you scale too. 

Between us, we have over half a century of product experience and have worked on products for start-ups, scale-ups and global enterprises, including companies such as Google, Amazon, eBay, Adobe, HSBC, CompareTheMarket, Sainsbury's, GFK, DueDil, TES Global and ThoughtWorks. 

The RightToLeft family includes Dave Martin, Andrea Saez, Pippa Topp, Randy Silver and Jason Knight.