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Why Momentum Strategy?

Momentum’s Strategy Program uses its unique Product Value Creation Plan to highlight the needs of your market while ensuring your organisation is aligned. By filling the product momentum gap, you give your leadership team the trust they need for you to execute the right plans.

This is not a “training course” - it is a hands-on coaching program. 

You will actively work with a product coach to outline the Product VCP as it applies to your company and product. We will work with you through a hybrid learning approach as you loop in stakeholders and the executive team to make progress on your work.

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What's included?

Over the 8 week program, our coaches will cover the following topics:


Strategic Alignment

Do you truly understand what your customers find valuable?

With the Product VCP we will look at what your current assumptions are and implement an actionable plan to follow the path to true customer value.

Main actions:

  • Define value assumptions
  • Build a value creation plan

Measure and track

Measure success and show the impact of your work to your leadership team. Tie tactical plans back to company objectives, and keep track of performance over time.

Main actions:

  • Identify value indicators
  • Track performance

Build your roadmap

There’s nothing harder than having to build a roadmap and explain decisions. Our coaches will give you the help you need to organize, prioritize, and present your roadmap - all focused on continuous customer value.

Main actions:

  • Scoring value
  • Prioritizing initiatives and projects

All courses are hybrid - with both on-demand and live sessions in a small cohort of other product leaders you can learn from.

Actionable outcomes for the real world

Momentum Stragey Outcomes-3
Easy strategic prioritisation

By defining what value the product will create you will align your stakeholders and improve prioritisation.

Understand customer value

We will build your own Product VCP together so you can organize and align your team and company.

Reusable plan for the future

Walk away with a new, tangible way of working to evaluate value and build great products.

Empower your product team

No need to be frustrated with objectives that seem unclear and unattainable - the VCP gives you measurements you can actually impact.


How does the application process work?

Application is easy, just provide your name, email and size of the organisation. Then we will contact you via email to ask further questions to ensure the program is a good fit for you. When we are sure the program will support your desired outcomes we will then provide you with payment details and enrollment will follow. 

Who is the Momentum Strategy Program for?

The Momentum Strategy Program is for:

  • Organisations with a product in the market. 
  • Companies with engineers on your staff. 
  • People with a get stuff done mentality. 
  • Roles that lead one or more product lines including CPO, VP Product, Head of Product, Product Director or in earlier stage companies Founder. 
  • People with the ambition to make a difference. 
  • Organisations with a company vision and company strategy. 

The Momentum Strategy Progam is not for: 

  • People who don't care about their end users and clients. 
  • People looking for a make-it-quick hack or smell dodgy in any way. 
  • Startups at the seed stage and have no or few paying customers. 
  • People who don't want to invest in their product development. 
  • People who lack the commitment to grow. 
I need urgent help.

We run 3 cohorts a year, October, February and May. If you need help sooner please look at our services which include 1:1 product leader coaching and Product VCP Done For You


How much is Momentum Strategy Program?

Momentum Strategy Program is £2,500 ex VAT for the 8 weeks of hands-on coaching and 6-month access to our e-learning hub that includes an array of bonus content. 

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