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Why Momentum Process?

Momentum’s Process Program uses a tried and tested governance framework to overcome operational challenges.

Your product function might suffer from conflict with stakeholders, gut-feel and HIPPO prioritisation, or frustrated teams. By adopting the right processes and driving the right conversations, you can achieve evidence-based decision-making. The result of this is high stakeholder collaboration and accountable teams. 

This is not a “training course” - it is a hands-on coaching program. 

You will actively work with a product coach to improve your governance processes from strategic initiative through to team-level decisions. 

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What's included?

Over the 8 week program, our coaches will cover the following topics:


High-level stakeholder alignment

Do the senior stakeholders all have the same understanding of prioritisation, reasons for decisions, and transparency of delivery? Improving your process is key to achieving this. 

Main actions:

  • Communication governance
  • Collaborative decision making

Evidence-based decisions

Create the right time and space for initiative priroitisation, with the right level of contextual information and evidence. 

Main actions:

  • Connect strategy and evidence
  • Establish quantitative and qualitative data practices

Accountable teams

Lead teams to be accountable and appropriately autonomous to achieve amazing outcomes for your business and your customers. 

Main actions:

  • Team capabilities
  • Team progress and tracking

All courses are hybrid - with both on-demand and live sessions in a small cohort of other product leaders you can learn from.

Actionable outcomes for the real world

Momentum Stragey Outcomes-3
Tried and tested product process

We will improve your product planning and communication processes to create alignment and efficiencies. 

Faster, clearer decisions

We will work with you to identify sources of evidence (data) to inform better decision making. 

Teams with clear guardrails

You will harness your improved planning and prioritisation to give your teams focus and supportive gaurdrails. 

Visibility of product process

Team progress will be clearer, up to date and confusion or misunderstanding is avoided. 


How does the application process work?

Application is easy, just provide your name, email and size of the organisation. Then we will contact you via email to ask further questions to ensure the program is a good fit for you. When we are sure the program will support your desired outcomes we will then provide you with payment details and enrollment will follow. 

Who is the Momentum Process Program for?

The Momentum Process Program is for:

  • Organisations with a product in the market. 
  • Companies with engineers on your staff. 
  • People with a get stuff done mentality. 
  • Roles that lead one or more product lines including CPO, VP Product, Head of Product, Product Director or in earlier stage companies Founder. 
  • People with the ambition to make a difference. 
  • Organisations with a company vision and company strategy. 

The Momentum Process Progam is not for: 

  • People who don't care about their end users and clients. 
  • People looking for a make-it-quick hack or smell dodgy in any way. 
  • Startups at the seed stage and have no or few paying customers. 
  • People who don't want to invest in their product development. 
  • People who lack the commitment to grow. 
I need urgent help.

We run 3 cohorts a year, October, February and May. If you need help sooner please look at our services which include 1:1 product leader coaching and Product VCP Done For You


How much is Momentum Process Program?

Momentum Process Program is £2,499 ex VAT for the 8 weeks of hands-on coaching and 6-month access to our e-learning hub that includes an array of bonus content.