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Communities of Practice

TUESDAY 28th MARCH | 17:30 GMT 

Join Randy Silver in our webinar about Communities of Practice: Collaborating, Learning, and Driving Innovation in Your Organization.

Randy Silver will join Dave to talk about Communities of Practice (CoPs), and how using them can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of product organizations by leveraging internal expertise through peer-to-peer learning and support. We’ll cover how CoPs can affect retention, recruitment, speed of achieving value, and developing your team - as well as practical advice to get started with your own Communities of Practice. 

Randy Silver has been a product consultant and coach in product roles across the US and UK for 20 years. Randy held Head of Product roles at HSBC and Sainsbury’s, directing their 100+ person product community. A recovering music journalist and editor, he launched Amazon’s music stores in the US and UK; he’s also worked across sectors, including museums and arts groups, online education, media and entertainment, retail, and financial services. 


Randy Silver
Product Consultant and Coach,
ex Amazon, ex HSBC


Dave Martin
Product Leader Coach,

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