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How to execute product strategy 🎯

Throughout my career as a CPO and, more recently as an Executive Product Coach, I see leaders and teams struggle to execute product strategy. 

If you suffer from any of the challenges below, then I wrote these articles for you:

  • Short-term commercial wins get prioritised over the strategy.
  • Teams and stakeholders are not aligned with the strategic plan.
  • Solutions are dictated, leaving no space for teams to innovate.
  • Product teams' performance is measured based on delivery deadlines instead of outcomes.

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Until next time, 

Dave Martin 
Executive Product Coach

Get the articles & templates

This step-by-step guide will explore...

Committing to customer value creation instead of dates and features on a roadmap.

Product VCP Worksheets
Diagram of template with customer value, better solutions and higher impact line graph.

Putting customer value at the heart of decision-making and prioritisation.

Clarification of the unwritten assumptions behind how your product creates value.

Diagram with 'customer action or behaviour x modifier = bigger customer value'

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